Linux - LAMP - LEMP Stack

API and Datamining

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Secure & Fast

To ensure high security and flexibilty please allow us selecting the right backend and infrastructure that fits your requirements.

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Full Stack

We have worked with Linux and PHP since 2001. Building and Configuring servers, developing backend systems and presenting it with fantastic good looking frontends

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We are always just one call or chat away. Helping out in English and Swedish.


What can we do for you

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Push marketing

Tailored push notifications systems, independent from other 3rd party systems. Push web notifications based on location, time, event or purchase history or Timely reminders of special offers.

Payments & Payment Subscriptions

Let your customers pay using PayPal, Klarna or Stripe. Setup recurring payments using Payment subscriptions, we adapt and implement payment gateways to most payment systems. Contact us for more details.


Whether you already have online ordering in place or not, we can help you with new features and buggfixes. That way guests can place orders when it makes the most sense - on the go!


Points, dollars, surprise & delight, or something in between? We'll work with you to cook up your secret loyalty sauce.

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feedback and communication

Bring your customers into the loop! Make it easy for guests to answer your questions or inspire your next flavor.


Tweet, Pin, Like and Friend - speak the millennial language. Fuel engagment by creating a social presence through your app. Incarnate your message into games, picture. Allow your clients to login to your site using thirdparty authentications (ie. Google account or Twitter)

Mobile payment

Let guests use your branded aoo as a way to pay for purchases in store (or online) without ever having to take out a wallet

Mine and Aggregate Data

Let us spider the web, download content from API's or import large files into a database. We can handle a wide amount of datasources


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Pay per hour

  • API creation and connections
  • PHP, LAMP, LEMP development
  • MySQL / MariaDB, PDO
  • Error logging and buggfixes
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Fixed price

  • Big projects
  • Backend / Frontend
  • Service and maintenance
  • Linux, MySQL, MariaDB,
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  • Contact us and Tell us what you need
  • Service and maintenance

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